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località Pilastrello
Located in the territory of Agazzano, along the banks of the Luretta Stream.
The small Sanctuary, designed by the architect Camillo Guidotti,dates back to 1902 and has an octagonal plan.Next to sanctuary there are still some buildings,houses nowadays, which belonged to the ancient abbey. By watching carefully it is possible to see traces of the ancient fresco commissioned in 1630. The Virgin statue is on the altar, it is an imposing figure wrapped in a mantle, with the child who supports the world.

- Every first Saturday of the week: rosary prayers and Litanies.
- The Sunday before last in May the statue of the Virgin is accompanied in procession to the parish church, the following Sunday is taken back to her sanctuary with a procession on foot through the Luretta stream, following the century-old tradition of this celebration.
- In May there is a pilgrimage of all parish churches of the pastoral area.

Information taken from the publication 'Santuario di nostra Signoria del Pilastrello in Agazzano' by Bruna Boccaccia, published by Pontegobbo editor, the editorial office is not to be held responsible for any differences.
How to get there
It's located at the junction of the roads to Agazzano and Gazzola.
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