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Via Sforza Caolzio
It was built in 1594. The firebrick façade is enclosed by two pillar strips. A row of small arcades divides the façade horizontally into two parts: in the upper part theres a rose window surmounted by a small cross shaped opeing; under the arcades there is a beautiful lancet arch portal with a firebrick frame. In the lunette between the portal architrave and the lancet arch lies Christs monogram JHS. This is one of the most beautiful frames we can find in Castell'Arquato, and we can compare it only to that of the windows in the Podesta's Palace .

The inside, which has a latin cross plan, is made of a single nave with 4 spans , rectaungular cross vaults with ribs.Other two spans correspond to the transept and are perpendicular with respect to the previous ones. The semicircular apse is covered by a bowl shaped vault.

The interior, which has a Latin cross plan, is composed by a single, four- span-nave, with rectangular cross vaults with ribs. The other two spans are located in the transept area and are perpendicular with respect to the previous ones. The semi-circular apse is covered by a vault.

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From 8 am to 7 pm
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From 8 am to 7 pm
Always open
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All year round
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Free entrance
How to get there
Easily accessible, in the lower part of the village. N. 2 parking nearby.
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