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Via Lanza, 58/b
San Corrado Confalonieri vicarage was born in 1973 Duemila district as episcopal delegation;construction began in November 1974 and finished in a few months. It is a simple building since the community tends to privilege pastoral structures. The vicarage was officially born on 4th November 1976. In 1986 extension works started and the external architecture changed: front portico with a stele ending in a cross; the side walls are characterised by arches. The plan is rectangular, the space inside linear and functional. In 1988 the floor was renovated and the presbyterium was raised in height and outlined by sculptures. The church was consecrated on 19 February 1989. It was designed by the architect Paolo Cravedi. Inside there are works by contemporary artists: Presbyterium and Via Crucis Staues by Paolo Perotti, a crucifix by Ada Tassi and several paintings: two stories of S. Corrado (The fire and The Glory) by Bruno Grassi, a Bread Miracle by Franco Curatti, a San Corrado by Angelo Prazzoli.
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