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Giardino Margherita (Margherita Garden) became a public garden in 1893, witnessing a taste for garden design that originated in the first decades of the nineteenth century.
Located in front of Piacenza railway station, separated from it by Piazzale Marconi, the garden covers an area of 20,000 square metres.
It was created in 1822, when Count Giacomo Costa bought a green area from the franciscan monks of Santa Maria di Loreto in order to create a relaxing spot within his possessions.
In1856, Costa donated part of the garden to Piacenza Municipality, which bought the remainder in 1880 and appointed Giuseppe Rota from Turin to redecorate the green area. Rota was a landscape architect and took care of Savoia's gardens.
In1893 the garden was named after Queen Margaret, sovereign of Italy, it was inaugurated and opened to the public.
Halfway through the twentieth century, the Municipality revised the original project and decided to redefine the garden historical context by restoring its architectures, plants and landscape characteristics.
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