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Piazza Giangaleazzo Visconti
Inside the historical Palazzetto dell'Istituzione in Piazza del Biscione (Piazza Giangaleazzo Visconti) there is the International Museum of Torture Devices coming from Valencia. The exhibition is distributed on three room, showing torture devices used in medieval times. 
Tickets at the entrance.
Guided tours for schools available, 20 people maximum per group, with a tour to Museo delle Torture and Museo delle Cere in Grazzano Visconti. 
+39.335.361320 Danilo
10 am to 7 pm (Saturday)
Holiday time
10 am to 7 pm
Opening times
All year round. Open upon booking.
Entrance fee
4 Euros
10 Euros per family
Bulk rates
4 Euros for each student in groups, maximum 20 people, to enter Museo delle Torture and Museo delle Cere
Entrance to Museo delle Torture allows visitors to use the same ticket and pay only 1 Euro to visit Museo delle Cere (Wax Museum) in Grazzano Viscoti
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Friday, 27 April 2018
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