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Piazza del Municipio, 29014
It dates back to 1293, it was built on demand of Alberto Scoto. It's the most important witness of the Scottis domination in Castell'Arquato.The double loggia dates back to 1447 . It's got a very complex structure, made of several fire brick architectural volumes supported by a three storey building. This is the 13th century part of the building, with a Ghibelline crenellation imitating the 4 original ones. Under a wide arch there's a memorial.
The palace is currently hosting the Municipal Council but is also the location of exhibitions, weddings, lectures and meetings.  Between the windows, the coat of arms of Comunitas Castri Arquati: two lions leaning on the walls of the crenellated castle.
Part of the building now hosts part of the Municipal Wine Shop.
Visible only from the outside, or in case of exhibitions or special events.
How to get there
In the town centre, the building is on the Municipal Square.Parking possibility in the Municipal Square; n.4 parking at about 200 mi; further parking in the village lower part. Bus stop at about 1 Km (bar Autostazione).
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