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Mount Penice, reaching 1.460 m in height, is on the border of the Oltrep√≤ Pavese, Staffora valley, and Piacenza territory, Trebbia and Tidone valleys.

Reaching up to Bobbio valley there are deep woods interspersed with small houses and villages, until you arrive in Passo Penice, which is 1149 m above sea level and offers an extraordinary view on Bobbio (down in the valley), Trebbia river and the Alps; on one side the Liguria Apennine, on the other strong spurs sloping away to Pianura Padana and its cities.

In Winter, Passo Penice becomes a ski venue ideal for children who want to try out this sport safely. Thanks to the artificial snow, ski facilities are open from December to March, with graded slopes and night lights. In the nearby village of Ceci (11 km) there is also a track for cross-country skiing. 
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