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In the Middle Ages, on the territory of the Diocesi in Piacenza existed several hospices and hospitals (ospitali). 
The restoration works of hospital buildings began during the 15th century, when the scarcity of economic support and the new scientific movements growing in this period led to a centralization of the small and scattered “ospedaletti” under a single umbrella structure.
This reform was brought forward by bishops, whose responsibility was to manage this multitude of hospitals together with Anziani del Comune, the Elderly of the Commune.
In Piacenza, this centralization began in 1471 and concluded in 1472 when Pope Sisto IV in his letter dated 8th October recognised the juridical validity of Bishop Campesio's work. The Ospedale Grande Piacentino was founded, thanks to the contribution of 32 benefactors. 
On 21st July 1472 were nominated the first 15 rectors of the new hospital, who began their mandate on 16th August.
More building works soon began, taking advantage of the nearby ancient monastery of Santa Vittoria, which cloister is still visible inside the original body of the hospital (today called Ospedale Vecchio).
The hospital never changed in its original structure, apart from partial enlargements and restoring works in the 18th century, until 1810. On this year, after Napoleon cancelled convents, in 1817 the governor of Parma passed on to Ospizi Civili di Piacenza the property of the Olivetan monastery of San Sepolcro, and a year after it became part of the hospital. At the beginning of the 20th century, the hospital expanded and in 1994 the "polichirurgico” was opened.

Thanks to the project promoting the splendid historical and artistic heritage preserved in the hospital of Piacenza, Ausl Piacenza decided to open throughout the year the areas with paintings, sculptures, frescoes, documents and books to visitors following free guided tours. Booking is mandatory. 

The itineraries are: San Giuseppe church, the ancient entrance and cloister of the hospital, the Roman tomb and the ancient walls, the former monastery of San Sepolcro with Sala delle Colonne and the historical library.
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booking is mandatory
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