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Selva di Ferriere, Rifugio Gaep
Mount Crociglia and Mount Carevolo are among the most panoramic spots of the whole Apennine in Piacenza area. Their tops share the same characteristics: first of all they are both dome-shaped and covered in green grass; there are no nearby mountains so they are open to direct wind but perfect for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

The excursion begins next to the Vecchia Dogana (called “Vincenzo Scoto”), in Ferriere, 1367 m above sea level and 66 km far from Piacenza.
The path is about 11 km long, 1 km is on tarmacked road. It is marked by white-red signs by CAI (015, 001 and 013) and the altitude gap is about 520 mt. The highest spot is on Mount Crociglia at 1578 m above sea level and it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes (without stops) to cover the whole path.
The itinerary unwinds among pastures and beech woods, perfect for children. It can also be walked beginning to end virtually on every season, but don't forget that at high altitudes the snow persists throughout spring. 

From the refuge take path no. 015 that cuts through some curves in the tarmacked road before reaching Crociglia pass. There you can take a large untarmacked path (CAI 001) that continues through a beech wood and then curves around the western slope of Mount Crociglia, covered in green grass. 

After a short gap turn right through the path leading to the mountain top (1578 m) you'll see the imposing statue of the archangel Raphael that protects those who died in the mountains. From here you can take a 360° view of Val Nure. 
Back to the gap, continue on path no. 001 that unwinds along the semi-plain ridge between Nure and Aveto rivers, first along the Aveto side, then on Nure side, enjoying a wonderful view of the high valley studded with villages as well as the mountains surrounding it. 
The trekking alternates open spaces with beech woods, beech trees have been cut close by the ground to ensure the growth of new shoots from each stump.

Once you've waded across several streams on the easter side of Rocca Borri you should reach "Piano del Lupo" service area at the foot of the southern side of Mount Carevolo. In about 10 minutes you should reach the mount through a steep slope up to the cross on top (1552 m). The view is beautiful, to the south you'll see Mount Crociglia, to the north there is the southern side of Mount Aserei, the mountain tops separating Trebbia valley from Tidone valley, from Mount Penice to Mount Lazzaro. 

Walking back on path no. 001 you'll reach path no. 013 that you can follow close by the fence enclosing Crociglia pastures. Once back in the wood, walk to the tarmacked road finally to your car in a few hundred metres. 

Length: about 11 km, 1 km on tarmack, the rest on untarmacked roads
Time:  2 hours and 45 minutes 
Signs: CAI 015, 001 and 013
Altitude gap: 500 m
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How to get there
From Piacenza drive along SP 654R Val Nure for 63 km until you reach Selva di Ferriere. After the village drive on for 1 km, then turn right towards "Torrio-Rifugio GAEP"; after 2 km park on the side of the road close by the refuge
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