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Mulino del Lentino, località Lentino
This itinerary is proposed by "La strada dei mulini" association constituted by the owners of the mills along Tidone river as well as by owners of farm businesses and a shop producing home-made cured meats, all in the same area.
Several mills have the mill structure in good or mediocre state, others have been completely or partly restructured , others have been abandoned.
The Mills' Itinerary also includes other trails ideal for those who wish to walk.
The meeting point of the Mills' Itinerary, along with the Museum of the Milling civilization, is located in the "Mulino del Lentino". The cartography of the Mills' Itinerary is available at the "Mulino del Lentino" meeting point. It is recommended to book your guided tour to mills and farm businesses.
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