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Lago di Trebecco
The Sentiero del Tidone (from Po to its spring) is a 69 km footpath that passes through 2 Regions:- Emilia Romagna and Lombardy.
It starts in the Province of Piacenza, from Boscone Cusani (Loc. Gerra Vecchia) on the banks of Po river and winds its way along the Tidone river, up and past the Molato Dam where it flows next to Trebecco lake, it reaches Pavia province and finally joins its source.
Apart from a few kilometres (where the path moves along secondary roads) the rest is gravel or hard ground and there are 6 fords across the river with alternative signposted paths for walkers and cyclists.
Along the the route there are wooden signposts indicating the way and distances.
In Nibbiano, Pecorara and Caminata villages, in the plainest area of Piacenza province, since the summer of 2014 there are 3 picnic areas and information boards about local flora and fauna.

The first part of the trail, 45 km ling, was officially inaugurated on 10th May 2014 and traverses seven Municipalities in Piacenza: Rottofreno, Sarmato, Borgonovo, Pianello Val Tidone, Nibbiano, Caminata and Pecorara. Then the path continues along Molato dam, adding 5 km in Pavia province toward Le Moline in the Municipality of Zavattello.
In August 2015 the path was completed to reach the source (2 km beyond Pozzallo), for a total length of 69 km immersed in a natural landscape.
Associazione Sentiero del Tidone then took care of installing information boards to help tourists orient themselves along the path.
The path can be treaded on foot, on mountain bike or on horseback.
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