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Blossoming trees on the Arda river banks.

The poet Ferruccio Cattani, who won in 1974 the national poetry competition Lerici-Pea, with these lines praises the cherry trees of Villanova sull'Arda:

Festeggiano nell’ampio candore il ritorno di primavera vasi enormi sul verde tappeto del prato i filari dei ciliegi in fiore.

(Celebrating in the wide candour the return of Spring huge vases on the green carpet of the lawn the rows of blossoming cherry trees.)

Fruit trees and cherry trees in particular are the symbol of Villanova sull'Arda. Until few years ago  in the main square (Piazza IV Novembre) in the summer at sunset there was the picturesque "fiammingo" cherry market (the queen variety of the local population), the "more" market, that of "durone della Marca o Pavese", of "marasche" and "la bella del soldato". Today the majority of the harvest is sold by the small local farms and transported to markets in Turin, Milan, Cremona, Piacenza and Parma.
Cherry trees can be found on both banks of the Arda stream and along the old path of the Arda Vecchia stream close to Soarza village, a particulary fertile area for fruit trees and especially for cherry trees. In the old days rows of cherry trees stretched from the Arda mouth up to San Pietro in Cerro, today only Villanova sull'Arda keeps the cherry tradition alive, a sugary red fruit, delicious as much as fragile and delicate. In spring, when the time comes, along the road that goes from San Pietro in Cerro to Villanova sull'Arda, right on the line dividing the two villages where the street becomes Via Roma and borders the Arda stream, the beauty of blossoming cherry trees is breathtaking and a joy for the eyes. Their perfume also fills the air from March to the harvest of the ruby fruit.
Strolling among Via Roma you reach the village centre, then following the cherry trees one can continue along Arda stream towards Soarza through Via XXV Aprile or slightly curve to change bank thus following Via Lanca to Podere Possessioni.
For those who prefer to continue towards Soarza, at some point you will find on the right the white road called - not by chance - Via dei Ciliegi and then close to Soarza, always on the right, the white road called Via Brigata Julia offers a unique show that plunges into the blossoming cherry trees.

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