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In the UK they are called "long distance path", in France "grande randonnée" and every year welcome a huge number of hikers. In Italy these are called "vie alte": long pathways leading the hikers on hard trips to discover a valley, a region and, sometimes, a whole geographical area. Hiking is the best way to plunge into nature and get to know our valleys following their history written on the land.

THE TRACK: From Capannette di Pey you'll reach Capanne di Cosola (1.445 m), (10 minutes) on the existing road.From Capanne di Cosola, former pass between Libara and Veleia in the roman time, take the junction to Bogli-Artana. After about two hundred meters, on the right, you'll begin the ascending path going across pastures and leading to Monte Cavalmurone (1.670 m) the tallest peak in this itinerary.The track then proceeds on the watershed passing several peaks : Monte Legnà, Poggio Riondino and Monte Carmo, which you can easily go round.On the left the hiker may enjoy the beautiful view of Valboreca, with fields that, in May, are covered with narcissus. From mount Carmo you go down to Capanne di Carega (1.367 m, 3 hours and a half). Once left the asphalted road leading to Case del Romano's village,take the path leading you, across beech-woods and pairies, to Monte Antola's ampitheatre (m. 1.598, 2 hours and a half). A few metres from the cross on top of Monte Antola there's a private abode.
Capannette di Pey - Rifugio Monte Antola (6-hour trekking)

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