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It probably has Roman origin (the name derives from the latin word agathianum,i.e. the land belonging to a certain Agathius), but documents witness its existence since the 13th century, when it was sacked by troops of the emperor Frederyck 2nd from Svevia. Afterwards, it belonged to the Scotti family, and sometime around 1250 BC, Alberto Scoto began the building of the castle and it became the small capital of the areas under Scotti family. This family lost and reconquered the castle several times over the Renaissance period, but always managed to keep it under its ownership down to today's possessor: the princess Luisa Gonzaga born Anguissola-Scotti.
The fortress and the castle of Agazzano are still private properties, but open for visits.
At present, Agazzano economy is based above all upon agriculture and a small engineering industry.
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