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Located on the Trebbia river left bank, in an area inhabited since prehistoric times, Bobbio is the most important centre in the valley; it is a vacation resort thanks to the presence of the river, and a skiing resort, due to the very close Monte Penice. Its history identifies with that of San Columbas Abbey, founded in 614, that, in the High Middleages, became one of the most important religious culture centres in Italy; the abbey was supplied with a famous scriptorium and an illustrious library. After the proclamation of the Italian Kingdom, it was annexed to Pavia, and returned to Piacenzas province only in 1923.
272 mt.
3.572 (2017)
+39.0523.962815 (IAT Bobbio)
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All seasons are good to appreciate this medieval borough, mainly from a naturalistic point of view, thanks to the picturesque background of the Trebbia Valley. However, mainly during the summer, Bobbio may be seen as a real, though unusual, bathing resort, with lots of bathers attracted by the cool and refreshing river waters and by the chance to enjoy the sun.
During the winner on Mount Penice (15 Km far), a skiing complex bearing the same name offers several ski slopes. Thanks to artificial snow, the ski resort is open from December to May. Moreover, in nearby Ceci (11 Km away) there is also a cross country ski trail.
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