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Brugnello is a tiny borough nested on a rock cliff 464 m overlooking Trebbia river, where it takes a turn into a spectacular canyon. 
Brugnello retained its medieval originary structure, it was the first headquarters of Corte Brugnatella borough. 

The first documents where Brugnello is mentioned date to 580 AD, when under the Longobard domination a Royal Court was founded (or Royal villa), which monitored land tillage and agriculture in the territory. Later on, the Franks took on the power. At the head of the court there as Breno, a Frank captain that once he was wounded in battle decided to retire in this area of Trebbia valley. He was the forefather of the Brugnatelli family, who dominated Brugnello and the surrounding areas for a long time. 

After 1000 AD, the Brugnatelli family fortified Brugnello borough, but very few traces of the wall still remain today. After 1150, the Malaspina family took on the power, and in 1371 it passed on to Porri family before returning to the Brugnatelli once again. 

Around 1920 it was decided to move the municipality offices first in Confiente, then in Marsaglia. In 1929 also the parish headquarters moved in San Giuseppe in Marsaglia. This is when the decline of the Brugnello borough began, at least until the restoration process that took place recently.
Today in Brugnello there are only 11 residents. Few houses, a hotel and a restaurant (Rocca Rosa tel. +39.0523.934500) for tourists who come to visit. 

Its stone houses were built using the surrounding rocks, some were even built in the rock itself and today they have all been restored.
The borough is inhabited by artists who contributed to the restoration works of houses and streets. Each house has its own carved wooden shutters, the alleys are decorated with stones presenting floral patterns. With the stones recovered from restoration works were created chairs and benches for the inhabitants or tourists who wish to relax in the open air. 

The small Cosma e Damiano church rests on top of the borough and was built in the 14th century. It has been restored over the centuries. Its Baroque façade has been repainted, while the rest of the building was built in stone like the rest of the borough.  
The terrace that surrounds the church offers one of the most breathtaking views on Trebbia river meanders, where it creates a splendid canyon. 

Brugnello is also the perfect spot to plunge into trekking paths, with different lengths and levels.

464 mt.
11 (2017)
+39.0523.969011 Comune di Cortebrugnatella
How to get there
Drive along Strada Statale (SS45) towards Genova and Bobbio. After Marsaglia village and the bridge on Trebbia river, you will find a sign pointing to Brugnello. 
Last update
13 February 2019
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