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It probably derives from an old parish church called Olubra (maybe ancient name of the present stream, the Lora) and a fortress called castellus Milonus, both preceding the construction in 1290, upon will of Alberto Scoto, of a newer and more fortified castle (no longer existing today) built as outpost in the direction of Pavia. An important rural village grew around the castle. It was ruled by several families and was the setting of many fights throughout history. It was a protagonist of the Italian resistance against the Austrians. Cardinale A. Casaroli, to whom a museum has been dedicated, was born here.
74 mt.
13.661 (2017)
+39.370.3421765 Info point Val Tidone Val Luretta
How to get there
Suburban bus line from Piacenza.
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17 February 2019
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