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There are two traditions explaining the towns name. According to one it had roman origins'(Florentia); according to the second one, it derives from the passage here of San Fiorenzo from Tours, bishop of Orange in the 6th century. In the Middleages it was one of Piacenzas province most important fortified centres, guarding the border with Parmas province. Today Fiorenzuola is an important agricultural, commercial and industrial centre. It is half way between Piacenza and Fidenza, along via Emilia.
80 mt.
15.306 (2017)
+39.0523.989314 (Ufficio Fiore per te del Comune di Fiorenzuola)
How to get there
In the middle of the most important roads, it can be easily reached by any means of transport. A1 exit at Fiorenzuola A21 exit at Fiorenzuola (BS), or at Piacenza est (TO) and then by-pass, exit at Montale, then SS9 up to Fiorenzuola.
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