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The area is appreciated for the cultivation of vegetables in the inundation area and its name derives from the low hills raising from the flat land over the surrounding waters. In the 7th century it was under Nonantola's abbey jurisdiction, it was subsequently handed over to Cremonas diocese and and it frequently had to submit to Parma, Piacenza and Cremonas interests.
For nature lovers Monticelli deserves a bicycle excursion around its valleys and above all in the neighbouring territory of Isola Serafini, recognized as 'Special place for the Community' for the beauty of its river environment and the for the possibility to watch several protected species of aquatic birds. 
The Fortress and, inside, the Po ethnographic museum are the most important tourist attractions. Today Monticelli is known above all for garlic cultivation.

40 mt.
5.278 (2017)
+39.0523.820441 (Comune di Monticelli d'Ongina)
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