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It is located in the high Arda valley in a basing surrounded by mounts Carameto (1318 m), Lama (1328 m), Menegosa (1365 m), Santa Franca (1322 m), Croce dei Segni (1071 m).
This was a historically strategic area for Romans, Bizantines, Longobards and Franks, due to its position at the mouth of the Apennines beyond which the access to Tuscany and Liguria was very easy; but documented episodes of the past are less with respect to those of other places in Piacenza province ; as to recent history, its territory celebrates partisans heroic deeds by means of memorial stones.
Part of the municipality territory belongs to Monte Moria Provincial Park, a natural area covered by a deep wood of centuries-old oaks.
631 mt.
1.013 (2017)
+39.0523.908187 (Comune di Morfasso)
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