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Located at Emilia Romagnas Western border, Piacenza has always been a transit town, a trait dunion between the river Po, the wide Padana Valley and the apennine. Founded in 218 B.C. by 6.000 Roman veterans and given the good omen name of Placentia, it was born as frontieer colony, military outpost located just before Cisalpine Gaul. The Via Emilia and the river Po, pilgrims and its strategic position affected so much its development and richness throughout time that it was called hundred churches and hundred barracks town. With its rich history and its many historical remains, it offers several suggestive tracks to follow, notwithstanding the bombardments on the city during the Second World War. Today Piacenza may be considered an important tertiary and automation industry pole.
61 mt.
101.355 (2017)
+39.0523.492001 (IAT Piacenza)
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