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Former pre-Roman site, as witnessed by the inscriptions dedicated to Minerva Cabardiacens goddess and maybe related to an ancient celtic cult, Travo was subsequently colonized by the Romans and S. Antonino, Piacenza patroin saint, was martyrized here. The village had been inhabited since the Paleolithic age, as testimonied by the excavations that began in 1995 in Sant'Andrea, now visible in the Parco Archeologico Villaggio Neolitico di S. Andrea.

The main activities on the territory are vine growing (Trebbianino Doc wine) and tourism. The ancient part of the village is on the river Trebbias left bank and here lies the Anguissola's Castle, that has belonged to the council since 1978.

On the south-western part of Travo area there is the mountain called Pietra Parcellara. A black serpentine ophiolitic stone, though not particularly high (836 m), it dominates the surrounding hills as it detaches itself from the rest for its morphology, colour and imposing structure. From its top it is possible to see a panoramic view of Trebbia valley and bordering areas. Also particularly interesting is Pietra Perduca (659 m), another serpentine ophiolite stone, which once hosted the celtic-ligure cult of Pan god and then became an ancient monastery with S.Anna church built in the 10th century. 
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