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Loc. Croara Vecchia 5
ASD ALCE 90  is located in the splendid farm Croara Vecchia, covering about 1 km along Trebbia river, only 18 km from Piacenza city. It is a member of FISE (FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA SPORT EQUESTRI), which collaborates with highly qualified instructors. 

Riding school: for beginners (children from 4 years old), advanced courses for professional riders in horse jumping, dressage and full ring.  

Horse riding tours: ASD Alce 90 also organises horse ridings on suggestive tracks around Piacenza province in Croara wood and along Trebbia river banks. These tours are suitable for inexperienced riders thanks to the trained Bardigiano horses team. Tours can be interspersed with tasting stops in prestigious wine cellars of Trebbia valley along the track. 

Summer camps: for children and teenagers from 6 to 14 years old (experienced and inexperienced riders). Beyond riding lessons, the participants will take part in art workshops and activities in the swimming pool in Croara Vecchia.  
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Opening times
all year round
full comfort rooms with bed and breakfast service available
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