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Theater and circus festival
Sedi diverse

The theater event LULTIMAPROVINCIA is organised by Manicomics Teatro. Each show presents a different theatrical language: theatre-circus, theatre-comedy, theatre-clown, theatre-acrobatics, and youth theatre.

The festival is characterised by comedy and social criticism, theatrical experiments, nouveau cirque and theatre for families, auteur films and theatre for the young people.

LULTIMAPROVINCIA takes place from Sunday 18th August to Saturday 21st September, in collaboration with the Municipalities of Bobbio, Gragnano Trebbiense, Ponte dell’Olio, Rivergaro, Rottofreno,Travo and Vigolzone.

+39.339.6180502 Manicomics Teatro
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18 August 2019
21 September 2019
9 pm
free entrance; 20th and 21st September euro 10,00
How to get there
tel. +39.339.6180502 Manicomics Teatro
Manicomics Teatro
Sunday 18th August 2019
TRAVO - Piazza Trento
9 pm - COMPAGNIA LANUTTI & CORBO – All’inCirco Varietà (Theater Circus)
ore 22.00 - LES DECONPOSES (Francia)– Aux quattre coins (Contemporary circus)

Monday 19th August 2019
BOBBIO - Piazza Duomo
9 pm - JORIK C’E’ – Dai che ce la fai (Theater Circus)
10 pm - CIRCO EL GRITO (Italia-Uruguay) – Scratch & Stretch (Theater Circus)

Wednesday 21st August 2019
GRAGNANO - Piazza della Pace 
CIRCO PITANGA (Israele-Svizzera) – Corde Nuziali (Contemporary circus)
Thursday 22nd August 2019
S. NICOLO’ - Pista Polivalente via Togliatti 
CIRCO PITANGA (Israele-Svizzera) – Circus (Contemporary circus)
Saturday 24th August 2019
PONTE DELL’OLIO - Parco di villa Rossi 
I 3 CHEFS – Lultima Cena (Clown – visual comedy)
Tuesday 27th August 2019
VIGOLZONE 2019 - Piazza del Castello 
COLLETTIVO CLOWN – Orlando Furioso (theater clown)
Thursday 29th August 2019
GRAGNANO - Piazza della Pace
ARTEMAKIA– On the Road (theater circus)
Friday 30th August 2019
ROTTOFRENO Pista Polivalente via Tobagi 
MANICOMICS TEATRO – Kermesse (theater clown)
Monday 2nd September 2019
CARMIANO - Piazza della Chiesa
TOBIA CIRCUS – Equilibrium tremens (clown and circus)
Tuesdayì 3rd September 2019
VIGOLZONE Piazza del Castello 
MADAME REBINE’ – Giro della Piazza (clown circus)
Saturday 7th September 2019
RIVERGARO - Piazza Paolo 
Compagnia NANDO & MAILA – Sconcerto d’amore (circo teatro clown)
Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September 2019
Wild Flaketjes – Goos & Helena (Brasile-Olanda)
Prima nazionale – Actos Humanos (circus-clown theater)

Saturday 21st September 2019
WORKSHOP “Il clown e il suo doppio” with Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen
informations and reservations WApp 349.3542866
In case of bad weather all shows will be performed indoors.
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