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Guercino in Piacenza
c/o Cattedrale di Piacenza
From the 4th of March until the 4th of June 2017 an extraordinary event celebrates Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, best known as Guercino, the 17th century painter born in Emilia. The main exhibition in Palazzo Farnese is accompanied by the unique opportunity to climb up the dome of Duomo di Piacenza (the main cathedral) and stare at the breathtaking frescoes by Guercino. 

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04 March 2017
04 July 2017
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From the 4th March to the 4th June 2017, the 17th century artist (Cento - Ferrara, 1591; Bologna, 1666) known as Guercino for his crossed eyes will be celebrated with a series of suggestive events particularly relevant from the artistic and historical points of view. An invisible fil rouge will connect Piacenza Cathedral (Duomo) with Palazzo Farnese, joining the sacred and profane sides of the city.  

The pivotal point of the event is the Cathedral: its dome is fully decorated with the extraordinary fresco cycle painted by Guercino between 1626 and 1627, and on this occasion it has been fully illuminated by the new lighting design by Davide Groppi.  
Moreover, throughout the three months of the event, visitors can climb up the dome to see Guercino's work. Six frescoed areas with the prophets Haggai, Hosea, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Micah, Jeremiah; the alternate lunettes with episodes from Jesus's infancy (the annunciation to the shepherds, the adoration of the shepherds, the presentation of Jesus at theTemple and the Flight into Egypt) and eight Sibyls; and finally the frieze along the tambour. 
The visit will be prepared by interactive videos in a multimedia room, to help visitors in their discovery of Guercino's masterpiece and experience a 3D immersive viewing with special glasses. 

At the same time, in Cappella Ducale in Palazzo Farnese the main exhibition takes place. Organised by Daniele Benati, Antonella Gigli, and a scientific committee composed of Antonio Paolucci, Fausto Gozzi and David Stone, the exhibition will present a selection of 20 among Guercino's masterpieces that made him famous internationally as one of the most fascinating artists of the 17th century in Italy.  

To conclude this event, in March 2018 at the Civic museums in Palazzo Farnese, the most renown experts in the life and work of Guercino will join together in a conference dedicated to the painter born in Cento. 
Information communicated by the organising committee of the event; any change in date or programme is beyond our responsibility.
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