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August fair
vie del paese
On Wednesday 28th August, Pianello V.T. hosts the big GRANDE FIERA D'AGOSTO fair.
This event is a reference point for Val Tidone citizens, where Piazza Mercato once held the graet market to buy and sell livestock and produces. Back then, farmers exchanged goods and animals at the end of the season just before grape harvest. They used to butcher pigs for the great fair to prepare cotechini and preserve the meat.  
Today many things have changed: over 200 stands of all kinds from all over Italy will liven up the great fair. Fun park for adults and children, exhibitions, hobbyists and antiques market, charity stand, food and wine stand, dancing night, make up for kids and bodypainting. 
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28 August 2019
28 August 2019
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Fair stands and market all the day through. 

8.30 am: opening of food stands offering typical products, specialities from Pianello V.T., cured meats Dop from Piacenza, Doc wines and panini with cotechino (food stands close between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm) 

12.00 am: lunch under the tent

7 pm: dinner under the tent

9.15 pm: dancing night with DANIELE CORDANI orchestra
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