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Lungo Trebbia
On 22nd and 25th April on Lungo Trebbia at Rivergaro, don't miss the Grill Contest event. This special occasion celebrates barbecue cooking traditions and street food.

Barbecue cooking contest with 15 teams, street food with 12 Food Trucks from all over Italy, and 5 local food producers who will offer a range of specialities to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet food lovers.
10 live music artists, cooking lessons and show cooking with barbecue masters and street food experts; for young participants there is a wooden play area, shows and cookng workshops.
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22 April 2017
25 April 2017
on Saturday 22nd April from 5 pm to midnight; on Sunday 23rd April from 11 am to midnight; on Monday 24th April from 6 pm to midnight; on Tuesday 25th April from 11 am to 8 pm.
Rivel Life with the support of Comune di Rivergaro

Saturday 22nd April: food stand opening and food trucks from all over Italy. Live music with Ants and Erica Opizzi, and Palermitani Pan del Diavolo.

Sunday 23rd April: Valtrebbia BBQ Battle, with 15 teams under the supervision of WBQA, one of the most important organisations in the world for BBQ lovers. Three categories: fish, mystery box, pork ribs. Only one will win the contest, the judges from WBQA will evaluate each dish in terms of taste, look and creativity. 

Don't miss the six-hand show cooking with masters like the “Grill King” Luca Bini, chef Luca Loris Barbiero and the “Serial Griller of Gambero Rosso” Matteo Tassi.

Monday 24th April, among the music hosts, there is Davide Shorty, from the 9th edition of X Factor.

Tuesday 25th April: show cooking with Paolo Parisi, passionate producer of quality raw food, like his famous Egg. He will present two recipes: simple preparations to enhance the flavour of each ingredient. 

On Tuesday, there is another show cooking protagonist: Chef Hiro, experienced chef also on tv with La Prova del Cuoco. He will bring to the Grill Contest his signature recipe: the Special Burger.

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