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Comic show in Piacenza: heroes and superheroes
Via Nova e Piazza Cavalli
The fourth edition of Festival del Fumetto di Piacenza is on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April.

This event is organised by the Ora Pro Comics cultural association in collaboration with Piacenza Municipality. It exhibits original drawings and illustrations, organising meetings with authors and artists in the comics sector, together with a market to get to know illustrators and promote your own work, comics workshops and cosplay contest. 

Exhibitions take place from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd April from 9 am to 7 pm. Entrance is free.

“EROI e SUPEREROI” exhibition. Venue: former Chiesa S.S.Vergine del Carmelo (Via Nova)
Collection of works from famous comics and brand new illustrations. Also splendid original illustrations, memorabilia and vintage comics will be on show: for example, by Mario Alberti, Stefano Biglia, Paolo Bisi, Elia Bonetti, Laura Braga, Mariano De Biase, Giuseppe Candita, Giulio De Vita, Davide Fabbri, GiovanniFreghieri, Pasquale Frisenda, Nicola Genzianella, Luca Maresca, Luca Panciroli, Pino Rinaldi, Marco Santucci and Matteo Scalera.

“DISNEY & Co.”  exhibition . Venue: Salone di Palazzo Gotico (Piazza Cavalli).
Orignal illustrations, comics, books and everything related to Disney's world, for kids of all ages. Apart from vintage illustrations from historical Disney's illustrators, the works on show include those by: Luca Bertelè, Valentino Forlini, Valerio Held, Anna Merli and Donald Soffritti.

“BONELLI KIDS” exhibition. Venue: Salone di Palazzo Gotico (Piazza Cavalli).
Illustrations to get to know the 'new' heroes by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

“LA NONA ARTE” exhibition. Venue: Salone di Palazzo Gotico (Piazza Cavalli).
An exhibition of signed illustrations by famous comics artists like Aldo Di Gennaro, Pasquale Frisenda, Elia Bonetti, Mario Alberti, Stefano Biglia, Giulio De Vita, Silvio Boselli, Nicola Genzianella, Paolo Bisi.
22 April 2017
23 April 2017
free entrance
Ora Pro Comics in collaboration with Comune di Piacenza

 at S.S.Vergine del Carmelo church (Via Nova)

At 10 am inauguration of the FESTIVAL EROI E SUPEREROI 
From 2 pm MEET THE AUTHORS: guests for the session dedicated to drawing and autographs, with Mario Alberti, Stefano Biglia, Paolo Bisi, Mariano De Biase, Elia Bonetti, Giulio De Vita, Giovanni Freghieri, Pietro Gandolfi , Nicola Genzianella, Valerio Held and Luca Panciroli.
Also on this session: Franco Garioni with Piacenza comics school and Michele Ginevra with the students from Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza in Cremona.
At 5 pm: ADE CAPONE AWARD. Award ceremony for the contest dedicated to young writers of comic book scripts, in memory of Ade Capone. The jury, just like in the first edition, is composed of Moreno Burattini, Diego Cajelli and Alessandro Sisiti. 
At 6 pm and 9 pm CONCORTO festival: an international collection of short movies selected for the comics festival. Claudia Praolini, will introduce the movies.

SUNDAY 23rd APRIL : Palazzo Gotico and Piazza Cavalli: Disney, Bonelli Kids and Cosplay. 

SELF AREA & MERCATINO from 9 am to 7 pm, under the portico of Palazzo Gotico: open market with comics, hand-made objects, hobbyists and gadgets. Meet the authors in the Artist Area: Mario Alberti, Luca Bertelè, Paolo Bisi, Elia Bonetti, Silvio Boselli, Mariano De Biase and the people from the comics school in Piacenza, Giuseppe Candita, Giulio De Vita, Valentino Forlini, Pietro Gandolfi , Nicola Genzianella, Valerio Held, Donald Soffritti, Luca Panciroli, Fabio Folla, Elder Draw, Western Glory, Luigi Drei, Laura Spianelli and other authors and comics professionals.
Learn more about the comics school in Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the association Comicarte from Varese and Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza from Cremona.

From 2 pm: DISNEY & Co., where Mickey Mouse's world meets the public with guests, a drawing session and autographs. VIP guests are: Luca Bertelè, Silvio Boselli, Valentino Forlini, Valerio Held, Alessandro Sisti and Donald Soffritti.

BONELLI KIDS - The new world of Bonelli Kids comes to light: meet the artist Luca Bertelè, and join in the comics workshop open to everybody.

From 3 pm: COSPLAY CONTEST. Contest with stage performance. Cosplay lovers will entertain the public and take pictures. 

Giada Verona, with Roberto Poggioli will present the contest; the jury is composed of Elena Chiappini, Alessia Mainardi, Lucy Lane and Alessandro Viola. Live music with the Dead Hand and Silvia Trebbi, and The Animasters.       
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