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Piazza delle Miniere
On Friday 26th and saturday 27th July 2019, there is the FERRIERE TRAIL FESTIVAL, or a competitive free-pace marathon unwinding through mountain trails in Alta Val Nure.
Four paths are available:
Sky Race: di 16 km with an altitude gap of 1300 m 
Long path: 55 km with an altitude gap of 3,100 m
Average path:  30 km with an altitude gap of 1,560 m
Short path: 20 km with an altitude gap of 840 m
Mini Trail 2 km non competitive race for children (free subscription)

2 refreshment stands on the 20 km path, 3 stands on the 30 km path, 8 stands on the 54 km path ristori sul percorso di 30km, 8 ristori sul percorso di  54km. Along all paths there are also drinkable water sources and fountains, look for the signs!
+39 338.2250410 (Giorgia) +39.335.6513023 (Giuliano)
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26 July 2019
27 July 2019
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