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Obtained from grapes bearing the same name for at least 85% and from other grapes with similar colour recommended or authorized around Piacenza province, Pinot Nero has a maximum grapes production of 10 tons per hectare and a wine production not exceeding 70%. Chardonnay wine has a yellowish colour with green shades, it has a delicate, fruity and palatable scent, sweet or sour taste, harmonious, fresh, plain or moderately fizzy, with an alcohol strength of at least 11% vol. Chardonnay is produced also in a fizzy version or a spumante one (sparkling). sometimes sparkling. Its minimum alcohol strength is 11.5° C.
Best served at a temperature of 10° C, Chardonnay is ideal in many occasions, especially accompanying starters, dishes served cold, soups, white meats and fish.
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