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Obtained from grapes of "Barbera" and "Bonarda" in percentages of 60% and 40% respectively, Gutturnio Riserva and Classico Riserva result from a maximum production of grapes per hectare of 10 tons and a subsequent production of wine not exceeding 70 hectolitres per hectare. The colour of these wines is characterised by a dark red background with ruby red reflections, a pleasant scent, dry taste, plain, harmonic, with a good body and a minimum alcohol volume of 12.5°.
To be served at 20° C, they need moderate aeration. Their ageing last at least 2 years, of which 3 months in wooden crates starting from October 1st of the vintage year, these wines are produced only with the presence of high quality vines so as to preserve their distinctive traits for 3-4 years and more.
Gutturnio Riserva and Classico Riserva are best served with game and tasty stewed meats. 
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