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The council was founded in Napoleon's times, when San Bernardino and San Giovanni's villages, on the right and on the left of Nure River, were united. The village history is characterized by the continuous fights between the Nicelli and Camia families. Papa Paolo 3rd had the Farnese Tower raised to appease them. Bettola is recalled for an appearence of the Virgin in 1496 close to an oak (Madonna of the Oak) and for being Christopher Columbus's native place. The economy of this area is mainly based upon agriculture and tourism.
329 mt.
3.024 (2017)
+39.0523.917719 - +39.0523.870997 (IAT ValNure e ValChero)
How to get there
Bus stop in Piazza Colombo with a large parking available.
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17 February 2019
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