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Very popular vacation resort, its characterized by an ancient part accessible through a bridge and located on a triangular area between the Chiavenna and the Tidone streams. A part of the old Roman sector is still preserved inside the new cemetery. Its fief, with its still existing fortress, now hosting the Town Hall, formerly belonged to Bobbios Monastery, then was handed over to the Farnese, and thus became part of Piacenzas history.

The Val Tidone archaeological museum is in the Rocca Municipale, which collects archaeological findings from Tidone valley and Luretta valley from antiquity to the middle ages.
Few kilometres away from the city centre, on the cliff that dominates the surrounding environment at 564 m above sea level, there is the splendid 
Rocca d'Olgisio, a fortress built in the 9th century, since the 14th century it has been inhabited by the powerful Dal Verme family. 
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