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Tourist Information Office. Service offered to incoming tourits and citizens travelling out of Piacenza, in order to make the stay of the former easier and to help the latter choose their destination. Information about: incoming tourism - address, fares, hotels characteristics, lodging and accommodation (camping, hostels, agritourism, room rentals, bed & breakfast) restaurants in the city and in the surrounding areas; - cultural, historical, folklore, food and wine, environmental, commercial events and itineraries of the town; - address, opening time, access to other information desks of the province - congress, recreational and sports facilities - information about museums, churches, monuments to visit in the territory of Piacenza, transport, parking, tour guides, car rentals, real estate agencies. Outgoing tourism - list of hotels in Italy - address, opening time, access to other information desks in the major Italian tourist resorts - main Italian events and museums - trains timetable Distribution of brochures and leaflets promoting tourism published by the Municipality, the Province and the Region; schedule about the events in the city and tourist, cultural, sports and recreational events also available on the municipal website and on the website of the Province . It is part of the regional information system that enables citizens, by means of IAT offices, to consult the website giving relevant tourist information about the whole region.
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News and information edited by the Tourist Information Office of the Municipalities of Bobbio, Borgonovo V.T., Castell'Arquato, Piacenza and Vigolzone