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Piazzetta Santa Chiara, 11
The auditorium pit is characterized by a telescopical tribune offering good visibility to all spectators, the stage at ground level allows the use as convention or concert hall. The structure has 114 seats and may be closed restricting encumbrance to 1.30 m depth.
The main hall, the foyer, stage, and entrance cover an area of 230 square metres and is ideal for exhibitions.

The auditorium is located in the ancient Santa Chiara monastery founded in 1436, which was deconsecrated by Napoleon's followers in 1803 only to become in 1833 the location for Regio Ginnasio school uponthe initiative of the bishop Giovanni Cavalieri. In 1854 the municipal theatre on the ground floor was inaugurated, hosting shows from the local theatre company and concerts from the local band. In the first years of 1900 the theatre was also used as cinema, and in the 1930s the complex was restored as we can see it today. 


Как добраться
On the ground floor, accessible to disabled, car park only few metres away, bus stop 400 m away.
Периоды открытия
For concerts, conferences, exhibitions, theatre, etc.
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