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(for 6 people): for the dough: 500 gr. flour - 200 gr. grated bread, salt and water or milk; for the sauce: butter, oil, lard - parsley, baked beans - pepper, tomato sauce, grated Piacenza's grana cheese.
Lay the flour on the table and add the grated bread you had previously mixed with boiling water or milk. Knead the dough till it becomes soft and elastic. With a piece of dough shape a 1 cm thick "snake", from which you'll obtain "pisarei" by cutting it into equal pieces. To give "pisarei" their traditional shape proceed as follows: lay the piece of dough on the pastry board, and with your thumb side press it gently, shaping it as a sea shell. Brown in the butter a chopped onion, parsley,and, if you like it, a glarlic clove and some pounded lard (pistà ad gras). Add a good quantity of baked beans (broad or white beans) and roast them slowly, after sprinkling them with salt and pepper; add the tomato sauce, diluted with warm water or broth, then keep cooking slowly, adding some water if necessary. At the end, when the sauce looks"velvety", cook "pisarei" in abundant salted water till they float and mix them with the sauce and the grated cheese.