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I SPRELL (le sprelle - frittelle vuote)

500 gr. flour - 100 gr sugar - 3 eggs - 25 gr. vanilla sugar - salt - 1 packet baking powder - ½ a glass of sweet white wine - 2 spoons of a sweet liquor (like rhum) - grated lemon rind.
Lay the flower on the pastry board and make a hole in the centre where you'll put the eggs (2 whole eggs and an egg yolk), sugar, soft butter, some salt and the baking powder; knead the whole mix with wine and the liquor till you obtain a soft dough. Make it into thin stripes and cut each stripe into small portions (stripes, preferably); fry them in abundant hot lard (or oil) till both sides are golden; then lay them on paper towels and sprinkle with icing sugar.