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I TURTÉJ (i tortelli)

(for 4-5 people): for the dough: 400 gr. flour - 2 whole eggs- warm water and salt; for the stuffing: 300 gr. spinach or swiss chards - 200 gr. ricotta cheese - 40 gr. grated Piacenza's grana cheese; 1 whole egg - salt and nutmeg; to season: 100 gr. butter
Lay the flour on the table, add eggs and water; knead the dough and make it into thin 8 cm large stripes. Divide the stripes into many squares. Put on each square teaspoons of the stuffing you have previously made as follows: boil and drain the spinach, eliminate water and mash them in the masher with ricotta cheese; add to this mix the egg, cheese and a bit of nutmeg . Lay the square of dough with its stuffing on the palm of your left hand (if you are not left-handed) and with your right hand fold the dough shaping it as a triangle, then turn the two corners in order to obtain a kind of plait, or better two tails. Cook "tortelli" in boiling salted water for about 10 minutes, or till they start floating. Drain and serve after mixing with melted butter and grana cheese.