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ILL LÜMÄGH (le lumache)

escargot - salt - vinegar - oil - onion (or leeks) - parsley - pepper - corn meal - celery - carrot.
Boil the escargots, still closed, for at least half an hour. Remove the shell and wash the escargots thoroughly with abundant warm water, salt, vinegar and a handful of corn meal: shrub each one thoroughly, three or four times at least, till the body is no longer slimy. Finally, rinse them once again in cool water. Brown in a terracotta saucepan oil and onion (or leeks) cut into thin slices, add the scargots and flavour for a while with salt and some pepper. Add hot water and cook for at least two hours. Then add a green stem of celery and two carrots. Escargots are not ready yet; for three or four consecutive days they''ll have to boil for two hours a day and rest in the sauce, covered, for the remaining time.