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LA PULEINTA E PICCULA AD CAVALL (la polenta e cavallo)

(for 4 people): for polenta: 400 gr. corn meal - salt - water; for "piccula ad caval" (horse minced meat): 200 gr. horse minced meat - butter - oil - lard - parsley - onion - 1 gaerlic clove - 1 carrot - tomato concentrate - ½ glass of broth.
Brown butter, oil, pounded lard, garlic and parsley; when it gets golden, add horse minced meat and cook slowly for about 10 minutes, then pour half a glass of broth where you have previously melted some tomato concentrate. While cooking goes on, prepare polenta, lay it into a bowl and make a whole in the centre, where you'll drop "picula ad caval". Serve hot.