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Monte Alfeo (1.651 m.) is one of the most beautiful and imposing mountains in the Apennine around Piacenza, in the Municipality of Ottone. It stands on the left side of Trebbia valley, between Boreca valley to the north and Dorbera valley to the south. 
On the northern side, steep and covered in wood, there are small villages under the Municipality of Ottone: Belnome, Tartago, Pizzonero and Suzzi. On the southern side, where the village of Bertone stands (under Ottone Municipality as well), the flora covers the side of the mountain until 1,500 m before leaving room to ample meadows around the top, marked by a statue of the Virgin Mary. 
Как добраться
From Piacenza take SS45 towards Ottone, about 70 km far from Piacenza and 60 km from Genoa. From Ottone, following CAI signals from Piacenza (no. 113 and 115), you will reach the mountain top passing by some villages. If you take no. 111 through Bertone, you'll cross path no.115. The trekking lasts about 3 hours, for an altitude gap of about 1,140 metres.
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