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Monte Bue (1785 m) stands between Aveto valley (in the area of Santo Stefano d'Aveto, Genoa) Ceno valley (in the municipality of Bedonia, Parma), and Nure valley (municipality of Ferriere, Piacenza).

It is one of the favourite destinations for hikers, since it is located in a splendid natural area including Monte Nero, Monte Maggiorasca and Lago Nero. At the foot of Monte Bue there are Bivacco Sacchi, Prato Cipolla refuge, and the short via ferrata called Mazzocchi. On top there are the remains (arrival station, hotel and other service areas) of a ski lift linking the top of Monte Bue with Rocca d'Aveto, and closed in 1991. In December 2010 a new ski lift was inaugurated, a chair lift, linking Rocca d'Aveto with Prato della Cipolla refuge (1578 m) on the side of Genoa province, hoping to promote tourism in Aveto valley. 

Another project to support tourism in this area has been initiated by Ferriere Municipality with Santo Stefano d'Aveto municipality, a ski lift on the Piacenza province side of Monte Bue. This structure would link the two municipalities, the two provinces and regions, it would be used with snow but also for hiking, excursions, orienteering and mountain bike activities. 
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From Piacenza: take SP 654R of Val Nure and drive for 69 km. Three km beyond Selva di Ferriere village, towards Zovallo pass and Santo Stefano d'Aveto, you will find on the right a sign indicating Bivacco Sacchi, Monte Bue and Fontana Gelata, with two large areas on the side of the road to park your car. 
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