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Monte Nero (1752 m above sea level) is one of the highest mountains in Piacenza province, between Ferriere village in the high Nure valley and the Ceno valley bordering Parma province. Monte Nero is one of the favourite destinations by hikers, since it stands in a splendid natural area with Lago Nero, mount Maggiorasca and Monte Bue. 

Monte Nero and the lake bearing the same name, lying in a moraine basin, is the place where the mountain pine lives together with the silver fir. They are the only spontaneous tree community in the Emiliano Apennine. 
The name of the lake probably comes not only from the dark colour of the green stones (because of the presence of olivine) on the mount, but also for the contrast of its plants compared to other mounts. Monte Nero is famous also for the large quantities of mires down in the lake area, originally part of glaciers now disappeared. 
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From Piacenza: take SP 654R in Val Nure driving for 69 km up to Zovallo pass, 16 km beyond Ferriere (between the provinces of Parma and Piacenza). Park in the large area on the left of the road. 
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