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Monte Osero
Monte Osero (1301 m) is in Perino valley and can be reached through the village bearing the same name. Trekking paths have been already set by CAI and the mountain offers interesting sporting activities also in mountain bike.
The mountain top is marked by a single tree. Among its brances there is a tiny statue of the Virgin Mary and a book with all signatures and comments by excursionists. 
Как добраться
Once in Perino (from Piacenza take the SS45 della Val Trebbia) main square, turn left to Bettola and drive on SP39 up to Passo del Cerro. Then take the road on the left towards Calenzano and follow the white-red CAI sign on the left to Montosero. Few hundreds of metres before the village, park where the trekking path for Lunga Marcia del GAEP "Cerro-Crociglia" begins, marked as CAI 001 (CAI sign from start to end: 001-181).
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