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Piazza Duomo
It was created, such as it is now, at the half of the 16th century, under pope Papa Paolo III Farnese(1534-1549), who wanted to renew the city before the dukedoms of Parma and Piacenza were assigned to his son Pier Luigi. In the centre of the square a pillar coming from Palazzo Farnese has been raised. It supports a Madonna beneath which, at about 3 metres depth, a late roman jigsaw was found in 1859, during some excavations. In the square there are also the Cathedral and the Bishops Palace
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From the airports: 60 Km Milano Linate , 90 Km Milano Malpensa ; 150 Km da Bologna . From A1 motorway: Piacenza nord and sud exits; From A21 Piacenza est and ovest exits.
10 minutes walk from the railway station,or N. 4, 17 buses; bus stop at 10 m. Parking meters in chiostri del Duomo and along the streets nearby.
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