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In 1271, two years after Pope Clemente IV died, the Cardinals gathered in Viterbo to choose his successor: Tebaldo Visconti from Piacenza, who became Pope Gregorio X. He was the heir of Visconti aristocratic family (not the same as the most famous Visconti from Milan). His papacy was short but intense. In 1274 he called for an important Council in Lyon, which gathered bishops, abbots, theologians and ambassadors from various countries. The aim of this meeting was to reform the habits of the clergy - at the time very dissolute - to discuss the situation in the Holy Land and above all to talk about the Greek schism. An able diplomat, Gregorio X managed to make peace with the Greek church and Costantinople Patriarch, but he also dealt with the neverending wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines. He died in 1276 in Arezzo, which erected a monument in his memory in the main square.
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