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Up to 1754, Piacenza preserved one of the most important masterpieces of the Renaissance: the ''Sistine Madonna'', painted by Raphael for the Benedictine monks of San Sisto church in 1513-1514. The Madonna was painted on canvas and not on a wooden piece as Raphael used to do; it represents the Virgin Mary, Sain Sixtus, Saint Barbara and two little angels. The Virgin is certainly the most majestic ever painted by Raphael since it was portraited full-figure and almost full size, whereas the detail of the two angels has recently become a worldwide pop icon. In 1754 the monks had to sell the canvas to August III, Poland's king and Elector of Saxony, for 12,000 pieces thus becoming the most precious piece of Dresden museum. Today San Sisto church holds a copy of the masterpiece painted in the same year by Avanzini.
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